Advertising & Marketing

Whether you’re looking to market your brand and introduce products to a particular population or in need of advertising to influence a consumer or business to purchase your product or service, a Cross Platform Marketing approach (CPM) is utilized to help you expand and broaden your reach to grow your business. 

Cross Platform Marketing, can, and will, involve using any number of means to connect with people.

Connecting is networking and networking is any contact with another person or company. 

So, social media (like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), print or online advertising, postings on our website, on-location Facebook Live interviews and any of our events, press releases,, feature articles, member directories, special events and sponsorship's can all interact with each other leveraging your advertising efforts to grow your business.

Contact our office 874-1202 about our advertising opportunities, and consider how advertising in addition to "connecting" through our CPM can yield significant returns.